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Dubais gold business is heading towards a defining moment

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Taking place under the theme ?The Future of Precious Metals: Global Governance to Trade Trends?, the 2023 Dubai Precious Metals Conference (DPMC) welcomed industry leaders from around the world.

These includes the finance and precious metals expert and best-selling author Jim Rickards; the World Gold Council head of Middle East and public policy Andrew Naylor; and LBMA executive board director and general counsel Sakhila Mirza.

Returning in its 11th year, and hosted at SO/Uptown Dubai, the DPMC united key stakeholders to discuss some of the industry?s prevailing challenges and opportunities, while addressing the role of precious metals in an increasingly volatile geopolitical landscape.

As John Reade, market strategist, World Gold Council, stated, gold?s greatest strength is its diversity. According to recent data from the WGC, ?Central banks have loaded up on more gold than previously thought, offering crucial support to prices that have faced pressure from global monetary tightening. Countries expanded bullion reserves by 337 tons in the three months through September.?


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